Yearly Affiliation

$3,000.00 / year

Become a Before Blinds Inc. Affiliate



Before Blinds Inc. Affiliate Requirements and  Expectations

  1. Must carry minimum liability insurance, surety bond and maintain coverage during membership with Before Blinds Inc. (amounts to be determined).
  2. Minimum membership of 6 months is required.
  3. Must have background checks on all of your employees or subcontractors. (no violent felonies or theft). These reports must be sent to Before Blinds Inc. and are subject to be reviewed every 6 months or when deemed necessary by Before Blinds Inc.
  4. In no circumstance, is any affiliate to subcontract any window tinting, window film, window graphics without the express written consent of Before Blinds Inc., Home Window Tinting & Commercial or their affiliate Companies. This is to protect the homeowners, building owners and tenants.(we guarantee against thermal fractures as well as seal failure a.k.a. foggy windows. Customer must have active warranty in place. Warranties vary greatly amongst the different manufacturers.

You may however contract with the above mentioned.

  1. Your reputation: You must keep a good reputation. If Before Blinds Inc. receives more than 3 unanswered written complaints in a one year period, your company will be dropped from our website and there will be no refunds of membership fees.
  2. Your company must maintain a legitimate website and email address. This is for your benefit. If you do not have a website we can refer you to a company that has built many awesome websites at reasonable prices.


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