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Before you invest in blinds, shades or shutters for your home or business, we would like to share a few things we have learned from our customers over the past 29 years. We do realize people need blinds, shutters or shades for night time privacy.  However, you don’t have to cover every window.

Protect Your Home and Family

Why do we have windows? Well that may sound like a crazy question.

The obvious answer is to allow light into your space and allow you to see outside and enjoy your view.

If you look around just about every home or business has their window treatments closed almost all the time. We ask, why do people keep their blinds, shades or shutters closed.

The most common answers are I need my privacy, my room gets too hot, I can’t see my tv, the room is to bright, I am worried about interior fading of our drapes, carpets, wood floors, furniture and artwork. Skin cancer has also been a statement made by our customers as a reason to keep their window treatments closed.

The question you should ask yourself is window film the answer for my home, office or commercial building?

After hearing what we have to say, you most likely want to apply window film to a few windows or even your entire home or building. Contact our office right away or contact us here!

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Let’s start with master bathrooms, the inspiration for

Most windows in master bathrooms are over tubs. Once a treatment is up it stays shut cutting most all the light and can collect dust and mildew. Why not apply a frosted style film that allows light in but no visibility in or out and looks super clean. Most master bath windows face the side of your neighbors’ home and there is not anything to look at anyway. Depending on your level of privacy desires there are many choices and textures to fit your needs at reasonable prices and have great warranties.



The next inspiration was garages!

Window treatments in garages always collect bugs, dust and cobwebs. Why not apply a frosted style film to these windows or even a sun control film that gives complete daytime privacy and still allows visibility out day and night.

Doing a custom frosted style film on front doors and sidelights is another very popular use of window film.

Windows that are up high or arched are other windows that our customers have issues with consistently. We have a large selection of window films that allow visibility out, while allowing light in without the harsh glare, heat and damaging ultraviolet rays, the main cause eye strain, temperature imbalances and fading of interiors. If you suffer from migraine headaches window film can help reduce the intensity or triggers that cause migraine headaches.



Most people assume they need to have the same window treatments across the entire front of their home. This is simply not true.

Window treatments are mixed regularly on the front of homes. Some examples are a dark shutter in the study, while having white shutters on the remaining windows. One of the advantages of applying window film to the entire front side of your home is giving the home a very clean consistent look from outside while allowing you to customize the inside of each room. If your front faces South, East or West then chances are it is harder to cool these areas. Window film or tinting gives you the Wow factor for reducing temperatures and lowering your cooling cost.

Window films that control heat and cold come in a wide variety of shades from virtually clear to dark and
reflective to suit nearly every need.

Our products are HOA approved.
If your HOA states that you can not have window film or reflective window film/tinting please contact our office right away or contact us here!

When it comes to how much window film/tinting to have installed on your home or commercial business, please read below.

If you plan on being there for 2 years or less, then do what you must to get by. 2 to 4 years do enough to raise your comfort level and 6 years or longer consider your entire home.

Transom or Arch windows 

We recommend our customer NOT to cover these if night time privacy is not an issue. Here is another example where window film selection is a perfect solution. Also available in our window film collection is daylight redirecting film.

Some people assume they need all their blinds/shutters to have the same look. If you really take a good look around, homeowners mix colors and styles quite often. A very common example of this is shutters on the main house, while blinds are in the garage or even a dark shutter in the study, while white shutters are on other windows.

We strongly recommend considering filming your entire home for 4 main reasons:

#1. Energy savings – Even if you have low-e windows, we can increase the efficiency of them from 35 to 75%. Film has a 3 to 6 year return on investment.

#2. Fade protection – Remember low-e doesn’t stand for UV (the largest cause of fading). Our films help protect everything from your window latches (plastic in most new homes), window treatments, to floors, furniture and artwork.

#3. Hail/storm/impact protection – Our films have been proven to hold the glass intact while in the cases of impact from debris, hail balls, etc.

#4. Enjoying your view! – Don’t live in the dark. We offer films that have complete and guaranteed daytime privacy.

Our films are safe for insulated glass, guaranteed!

Window tinting DOES NOT cause seal failure!!! Ask anyone for the documented evidence of this claim, it simply doesn’t exist. If you have a warranty in place from your builder we will cover it for you. Please get a copy from your builder. We match the warranty concisely and you even get a free piece of film on the new window. We also cover against what is known as a thermal fracture for 5 years after the film/tint is applied. Thermal fractures occur because there is a defect in the windows edge and because our film is absorbing and reflecting the sun’s energy it can exploit that defect. They are rare, but don’t be surprised.